Where can I get Roam Frii? Roam Frii is available in the Google Play store.
How does Roam Frii Work?

Roam Frii is a smartphone App that uses proprietary technology to make crystal clear calls over the internet from your phone to anyone in the world for less!. Roam Frii works with your smartphone’s address book to make it simple to call and message your contacts.

How much does it cost to call?

Calls to other Roam Frii subscribers are FREE. Calls to non Roam Frii subscribers is a low as $.01 per minute. Over 280 destinations can be called for less than $.05 per minute!

How much does it cost to message? Text and voice messages to other Roam Frii subscribers are FREE.
What makes Roam Frii different? Roam Frii works no matter what the mobile network. Roam Frii cannot be blocked (like Skype and other VOIP Apps) because it’s data footprint looks like a normal call. Roam Frii uses the least amount of data needed to make a crystal clear call. Less data means your phone does not works as hard – so your battery stays cooler and lasts much longer than if you made a regular mobile call.
Can I call any of my contacts that do not have Roam Frii? Yes, all you need is to add credit to your account to benefit from our unbelievably low call charges. Better still, invite your friends to install Roam Frii and talk for FREE!
What are the three starred buttons for? These buttons adjust the audio quality of the Voice call and therefore affect the amount of data that the call uses. One star will typically use 32,730 Bytes per minute (i.e. 32 minutes per Megabyte), two stars will consume 44,730 Bytes per minute (i.e. 23 minutes per Megabyte) and three stars (the highest quality) will use 59,730 Bytes per minute (i.e. 17 minutes per Megabyte). You can choose high quality when on Wi-Fi or if your mobile data plan has a plenty of data. You can choose a lower quality of your mobile data plan is a per-per-Megabyte one or if you are internationally roaming.
How do I invite my friends to join me on Roam Frii? To invite a friend to join you on Roam Frii, simply open their Contact details inside the Roam Frii contacts page and click the Invite button next to their phone number. Note, this will send an SMS from your mobile phone to your friend asking them to download Roam Frii to start talking and messaging for FREE!
Should I use the native phone dialpad or the Roam Frii dialpad? Always use the Roam Frii dial-pad as the call will be FREE if your contact has the Roam Frii App installed or, if you have Roam Frii Credit, you will benefit from our unbelievably low call rates!
How can I buy Roam Frii Credit? Roam Frii Credit can be added to your account by pressing the Credit Top Up button and choosing what amount you want to  top up. Once processed, you will immediately receive a voucher code. Enter the valid Credit Top Up voucher code as directed in the Roam Frii App.
What are these unbelievable Roam Frii Rates you mention? See www.roamfrii.com/rates/ to see our latest Roam Frii Rates.
How can I request support? You can request Roam Frii Support by emailing servicedesk@Roam Frii.com and we WILL get back to you.
How do I send Crash Reports when I need support? The Roam Frii App will automatically send the (very, very rare) Crash reports to servicedesk@RoamFrii.com.
I’m upgrading my phone, can I continue to use my Roam Frii identity? Yes. Install Roam Frii on your new phone, enter your previous Roam Frii phone number and your Roam Frii PIN that you received during original activation and you will bre activated and registered as before. Your Roam Frii credit will also follow you to your new phone.
What’s my Roam Frii PIN and what do I need it for? Your Roam Frii PIN is used to identify your installed App. You do not ever need to enter it unless you move your account to a new phone. Your PIN was emailed to you on original activation. You can find your PIN by connecting to the Roam Frii Registration Support portal https://www.RoamFrii-app.com/mobile, entering your phone number and the email address that you registered with and we will email you your PIN.
I can’t hear the other person talking but they can hear me, why? This can happen on certain phones. Please go to the Roam Frii More screen, click Settings and set Force Unmute Mic to On. Now click Save and try your call again.
Why should I set my Country Code? The Roam Frii Country Code setting allows you to dial national numbers that you may have in your address book. International numbers will ignore your setting for Country Code.
What are the GPS co-ordinates used for? Roam Frii uses the GPS function to locate the mobile Voice servers in your region. By updating your GPS co-ordinates you will benefit from reduced voice latency when the GPS co-ordinates are set to your nearest server. If you are experiencing high levels of latency then please email us on servicedesk@Roam Frii.com and we will let you know if there’s a better voice server location for your position.
Why should I leave Auto-Registration set to ON? The Auto-Registration setting ensures that your Roam Frii App is always ready to accept an incoming call. If you do not wish to be disturbed then you can set it OFF, but remember when it’s off nobody can call you for FREE.
How do I use Voice Mesaging? Roam Frii Voice messages can be sent by going to the Messaging screen, selecting your contact, then press+hold the Record button, speak your message and release the button – simple as that – ONE TOUCH voice messages!