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What is Wi Fi Calling ? Can it save you money?

Wifi Calling Saves Money

What is Wi Fi Calling? Can it save you money? How Wi Fi Calling will eliminate excessive roaming charges and provide better coverage Wi Fi calling connects calls and text messages over any Wi Fi network instead of a cell-site. So if mobile coverage is non-existent at your place, your Wi Fi network can fill the gap. Calls made over Wi Fi are always cheaper than calls made with your mobile carrier. This is especially true if you are traveling. To avoid roaming charges, using a Wi Fi calling app is essential to avoiding these excessive roaming charges. Furthermore, user

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Does Wi Fi Calling Threaten Mobile Carriers?

Wi Fi Calling – A Threat to Legacy Mobile Carriers? We look at legacy mobile carriers today and can’t help to compare them to the neck tie. Both seem to be less relevant technology and fashion march on, respectively.  No one really talks about it, there are no headlines or dramatic CNBC reports. But it’s happening. And if you are in the tier one mobile carrier business or neck tie business, you’re not a happy camper. Accessing the internet through free Wi Fi and hot spots instead of your mobile carrier is kind of like the neck tie. With Wi

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Roam Frii versus Viber, Wechat, Whatsapp

Is Roam Frii really better? We get asked this question – a lot. There is no shortage of chat apps that are better looking and a bit more intuitive. But our goal at Roam Frii was a bit bigger, a bit bolder and a bit geeky. We wanted to create a product that would allow our subscribers to talk, text and send pix to each other for free AND still communicate with non subscribers. We wanted an all purpose communication app that allowed people to reach each other any time (for free) by simply calling. No user names, passwords or

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